Tic Tac Domino

Math Activity

In this game, children will match a domino card to the picture that shows the same amount, thereby reinforcing recognition of domino configurations and quantities. As a match is made the child will say the number shown on both the domino card and picture card.



  1. Pass out the picture page. Children color the pictures, then cut out the nine picture squares.

  2. Pass out a bag to each child. As you say the numbers from 1 to 9 the children put the corresponding picture card into the bag.

  3. Children each receive a domino board and pair up with a partner. Without looking, both draw a picture card from their bags, then match it up to the correct space on their domino board, and state the number shown. Play continues until one person gets a "tic-tac-toe."


Pairs of children can play a similar matching game using one set of number cards 1-9 and one set of picture cards. Put number cards face down on the table in a set formation to help children remember where they have seen a certain card (1 row of 9, or 3 rows of 3). A child then chooses a picture card from the bag and turns over a card, hoping to match the correct numeral to the picture card. If they match, the child says the number and keeps the pair. Play then passes to the other child. Continue playing until all 9 pairs have been made.

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