My Own Store

Math/Art Activity

In this activity, children will cut and paste items to go with each price tag, then swap with another child and purchase each item to show an understanding of pennies and nickels by recording correct combinations of coins.


  1. Tell children they are each going to make their own store. Brainstorm items they might include (toys, food, school supplies, sports items, jewelry, stuffed animals, or just about anything they wish).

  2. Distribute the Store Display sheet, magazines, and scissors and glue. Tell children to cut pictures of items out of the magazines and glue a picture in each of the six blank spaces.

  3. Pass out play money to each child. Review pennies and nickels. Ask the children to show different amounts of money (not the amounts shown on the Store Display sheet).

  4. Children now swap store sheets with another child and tell about the pictures they glued. Pass out the Coin Record Sheet and coin stamps. Tell children to show what coins they would use to make the purchases by using the coin stamps on the Coin Record Sheet.


You may wish to use My Own Store in a different way. After children have completed their store displays you might put them in groups of 3 or 4 and give each child 15 in play money to spend. They can "shop" from anyone's store in the group.

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