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Summary: Did you know that the temperature drops as you ascend a mountain? The temperature usually drops 0.6° for every 100 meters. Your group will find the highest mountain in each continent. Then, use what you know about the temperature pattern to find the temperature on these mountaintops. Given these data, what would you bring to protect yourself from the weather on these mountains?

1. Plan It

Find the high points. Use an encyclopedia, an almanac, or this World High Points Internet link to find the heights of the highest mountains in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia.

Record the heights of these mountains in meters.

[Checkbox] Mountain heights researched and recorded

2. Put It Together

Find the cold hard facts. You know the mountain temperature pattern. Supposing the sea level temperature is 20°C, find the temperature at the top of the mountain.

Add -10°C to -20°C for the wind chill effects. Is the temperature on the top of the mountain below the freezing point?

[Checkbox] Our mountain peak temperatures calculated

3. Wrap It Up

Write it down and bundle up! Fill in your results after printing the Temperature and Elevation Chart available here on Education Place or make your own chart modeled after the chart on page 479 of the Math Central textbook.

Discuss with your group what clothes and equipment you will need if you plan to explore these mountains.

[Checkbox] Chart prepared and equipment discussed.

4. Discuss Your Results

[Checkbox] Review completed

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