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Plan a Newspaper

Investigation Organizer
This is a worksheet you can print and distribute to students to help them track their work on the Chapter Investigation.

Internet Links

Following are links to Internet resources for students to use while working on the Chapter Investigation.

CRAYON–Create Your Own Newspaper
Join over 120,000 people and create your own newspaper or test an example CRAYON newspaper. Links to major newspapers are included at the CRAYON site.

The Vocal Point
The Vocal Point is a bi-monthly online newspaper created, managed and published by the publications class at Centennial Middle School -- part of the Boulder Valley School District. Each issue is organized around a local or national theme. The Vocal Point was the first newspaper on the World Wide Web created by middle school students.

Kidsnewsroom provides children with a safe, kid-friendly Internet site loaded with stories, pictures, contests and opportunities for learning. Each week, a new issue is added to the site with the latest news in sports, music and entertainment, health, history, and happenings from around the world, all designed with kids in mind!

Newspapers & Technology Online
This site provides links to many national and local newspapers around the world. You may also link to various national newspaper associations.

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