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Measurement and Geometry Around the World

Internet Links

Following are links to Internet resources that can be used to support instruction of the Math World feature for this chapter.

Origami Diagrams on the Web
This is a good starting point to learn how to make origami creations. Start by learning some basic techniques and work your way up to more difficult folding.

Pi Mathematics
Pi Mathematics is a multidisciplinary project designed around the concept of pi, involving math, history, English, and problem solving skills. This site, designed for grades five through eight, guides students in discovering the approximate value of pi, using measurement data, formulas, and various problems and activities. Pi Mathematics also offers a downloadable movie and software as in-class resources. Pi Mathematics was created by teachers Georgette Moore and Betty Ganas with assistance from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications.

The Ridiculously Enhanced Pi Page #2
You don't have to have all the necessary software to run all the features on this page, but it helps. Join the Exploratorium each year by celebrating Pi Day on March 14th, or use their Internet links and read information about this mysterious number. Try the old version of The Ridiculously Enhanced Pi Page if you have an older Internet browser.

United States Orienteering Federation
This is the home page of the United States Orienteering Federation. Learn about the sport of orienteering, which involves hiking, proper use of a compass, and map reading. If you think you might like to learn more about teaching this sport, visit Orienteering for the Young for more information.

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