Investigation Organizer: Grade 6, Chapter 4

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Grade 6, Chapter 4 Investigation Organizer:

A Fun Place

Summary: Your group will help plan a youth center. Your group will conduct a survey at your school to find out what facilities should be included at the youth center. Based on the survey, your group will write a recommendation. It should include graphs showing the preferences for each grade level.

1. Plan It

A. Brainstorm. Brainstorm a list of things you would like to see or do in this new recreation center.

B. Design a questionnaire. Develop a questionnaire based on your group's ideas and decide how many votes or choices each person will have.

C. Plan your survey. Decide how your group will survey ten students from your school.

[Checkbox] Our planning completed

2. Put It Together

A. Survey the students. Record the results for students at each grade level using a table.

B. Display the results. Each group member should present the data in a different type of graph. Some examples include:

[Checkbox] Our data completed

3. Wrap It Up

A. Share your data. Based on your data, discuss what recommendations your group will present to the building committee. Your discussion should include:

B. Explain. Write a recommendation and include the graph you chose.

[Checkbox] Recommendation completed

4. Discuss Your Results

[Checkbox] Review completed

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