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Multiplication Around the World

Internet Links

Following are links to Internet resources that can be used to support instruction of the Math World feature for this chapter.

A Fractals Lesson
Want to know more about fractals? This site is a good place to start because it was created for elementary and middle school students. Fractals can be a complicated high-level mathematics subject, but you'll find them explained here very simply.

The Math Forum: Doctor Math: Lattice Multiplication
This is just one of hundreds of math questions answered by Dr. Math at the Math Forum site of Swarthmore College. This page offers a good explanation of solving multiplication problems with the lattice method. This site is a wonderful resource for both students and teachers. Take some time to look around or ask a question.

Robert Hooke
Read more about Robert Hooke and his famous inventions, including the microscope. Take a look at an enlarged picture of the cells of a cork, seen through his microscope, and learn about other scientists he worked with.

B.U. Center for Polymer Studies Image Gallery
View fractal patterns found in nature and ones simulated by computers. Learn more about complex fractal patterns and how they are being used today in science. This interesting site is hosted by Boston University.

History of the Microscope
This thorough site includes a very detailed history and explanations of how different types of microscopes work. Read about the early developments that led to modern-day microscopes.

Online Microscopes
This is an online exhibit of historic microscopes from a collection at the Moody Medical Library at the University of Texas in Galveston. The Anatomy of a Microscope feature is especially interesting.

Math Baseball
Here is a fun online baseball game that you can play to practice addition and multiplication skills. Three different skill levels are available. Don't forget to set the game for multiplication!

MicroScapes features a series of photographs taken through high power microscopes. Common objects viewed in this way appear completely different and quite beautiful. There are six different galleries of images to view.

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