Investigation Organizer: Grade 6, Chapter 2

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Grade 6, Chapter 2 Investigation Organizer:

From Here to There

Summary: Your group will develop a frequent-rider program. Your goal will be to encourage people to use public transportation.

1. Plan It

Find out if your community has a public busing system. Gather information about the busing system. Be sure to include the following fare types if they are available:

If your community has no access to public transportation, use the data provided on page 81 in your textbook.

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2. Put It Together

A. Create your proposal. Keep in mind the following ideas:

B. Make a poster. Make a poster that illustrates your group's plan. Your poster will advertise your plan within your community.

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3. Wrap It Up

A. Explain your plan. Write a paragraph explaining your group's program. Predict the rewards your family could earn if they used the program for six months to a year. You may complete the Rewards Table.

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4. Discuss Your Results

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