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Place Value Around the World

Internet Links

Following are links to Internet resources that can be used to support instruction of the Math World feature for this chapter.

Chinese Cast Coins
Browse the Calgary Coin Antique Gallery ancient Chinese coin collection by dynasty. Scroll down to find information about each dynasty.

Roman Numerals
This Web site will convert your Arabic numeral (less than 4000) to a Roman numeral. Have students convert Arabic numerals to Roman numerals on their own, and then see if this Internet Roman numeral calculator provides the same answer.

Nova Online: Ice Mummies of the Inca
Follow a journey that leads to the discovery of Sarita, the mummy of a 7-year-old Incan girl. This frozen mummy is 500 years old and was buried with fifteen artifacts. Find out how archaeologists used their findings to learn more about the past, and send your questions to Liesl Clark, who led the expedition.

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