Investigation Organizer: Grade 6, Chapter 1

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Grade 6, Chapter 1 Investigation Organizer:

Interested in Travel?

Summary: Plan a trip based on a topic that you really like. Topics could include sports, history, science, food, art, or anything else that interests you. Choose six cities that have points of interest related to your topic or theme.

1. Plan It

Choose a theme and six cities. Use maps, travel guides, and the Internet to decide where to go and what to look for. Record the name of each place that you find in your Travel Research Chart.

[Checkbox] Our research completed

2. Put It Together

A. Research your points of interest. Each group member should find one or two theme-related points of interest in two of the cities. Share your information with the group.

B. Plan your route. Use a map and trace a route you could take to the six cities and home again.

[Checkbox] Our distance calculations completed

3. Wrap It Up

A. Make a travel log. Complete the travel log showing your daily plan of the route. You should travel less than 500 miles a day. Use the Travel Log to record your log.

B. Find the distances between cities. Record the data in your Travel Log.

[Checkbox] Travel log completed

4. Discuss Your Results

[Checkbox] Review completed

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