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Grade 5, Chapter 13 Investigation Organizer:

Packaging Inventions

Summary: The tea bag is possibly one of the world's most creative packaging ideas. It was invented in 1904 by Thomas Sullivan, a New York businessman. He put samples of tea in small silk bags and sent them to customers. His customers found the tea bags easier to use than loose tea.

Your group will create a way to package items of an unusual shape. Decide what package design will be best for shipping and selling your items. The design must contain items made by using the pattern on page 461 of the Math Central textbook. Work together to complete the project.

1. Plan It

Copy the pattern.

[Checkbox] Item pattern traced and cut

2. Put It Together

Build pyramids.

[Checkbox] Our pyramids assembled and package arrangement planned

3. Wrap It Up

Prepare your shipment. Find the volume and area of one package of three pyramids. Find the size of the container you need to ship ten packages without space left over. Make the container out of poster board.

Write a paragraph explaining why your packaging idea is a good one.

[Checkbox] Package volume and area and container dimensions calculated

4. Discuss Your Results

[Checkbox] Review completed

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