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Area and Volume

Books for Students

The Pueblo
David and Charlotte Yue
Houghton Mifflin, 1986.
By discussing architecture and building methods of the Pueblo, students can work with shapes, volume, and scale.

Area and Volume
Marion Smoothey
Marshall Cavendish, 1993.
Measurement of area and volume is explained by using examples of regular and irregular objects.

Build Your Own Polyhedra
Peter Hilton and Jean Pedersen
ING Publications, 1994.
The challenge is worth it in this illustrated book of step-by-step instructions.

The Art of Japanese Paper: Masks, Lanterns, Kites, Dolls, Origami
Dominique Buisson
Terrail, 1992.
The custom and art of using Japanese paper to create many useful and beautiful objects. Suggested as an exploratory way to help students understand the relationship between area and volume.

Hands-on Design: Design Your Own Posters, Buttons, Letterheads, Packaging, Shopping Bags, Alphabets, and Logos
Ivan Bulloch
Thompson Learning, 1994.
This book of step-by-step instructions for packaging design encourages students to look at the world of packaging, and then create their own package.

Books for Families

Can You Believe Your Eyes?
J. Richard Block and Harold Yuker
NAL Dutton, 1990.
Families will enjoy sharing more than 250 illusions and visual oddities that are found here. Suggested for reinforcing visualization skills.

Let's Talk Math: Encouraging Children to Explore Ideas
Pat Lilburn and Pam Rawson
Heinemann, 1994.
Families and students are inspired to explore the mathematics in their environment by connecting math concepts with everyday activities. Measurement is included.

Reference Books for Teachers

Different Shapes, Equal Pieces: Fractions and Area Investigations in Number, Data and Space Series, teachers edition
Cornelia Tierney, et al.
Dale Seymour, 1994.
Classroom ideas for investigating area. Complete, theme-based curriculum unit.

Math Around the World
Beverly Braxton, Philip Gonsalves, and Jacqueline Barber
University of California, Berkeley, Lawrence Hall of Science, 1995.
Enrichment activities show some of the connections between mathematics and geography. Appropriate for students in middle grades.

Polyominoes: A Guide to Puzzles and Problems in Tiling
George Martin
Mathematical Association of America, 1991.
This book of mathematical games and puzzles identifies the monomino and other polyominoes for use in the classroom. A chapter on pentominoes is included.

Math World Literature

Anno's Math Games II
Mitsumasa Anno
Philomel Books, 1989

Area and Volume
Marion Smoothey
Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 1992

Brenda Walpole
Gareth Stevens Publishing, 1995

Incredible Comparisons
Russell Ash
Dorling Kindersley Publications, 1996

Soccer from Neighborhood Play to the World Cup
Caroline Arnold
Franklin Watts, 1991

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