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Grade 5, Chapter 12 Investigation Organizer:

Brain Activity

Summary: When you look at something, your eyes see it upside down and reversed. The brain changes the image so it looks as it should. Each eye sends a slightly different message to the back of the brain, and the brain interprets the message so you understand what you are seeing.

Since each eye sees things a little differently, if you cover one eye what you see will change position. Your group will record what happens when you use only one eye and then both eyes.

1. Plan It

Prepare the equipment. Cut out three yellow circles that are 5 cm, 15 cm, and 25 cm in diameter. Cut out two red circles that are 10 cm and 20 cm in diameter. Glue them together so they make a target.

Make five small clay balls.

[Checkbox] Target and clay balls prepared

2. Put It Together

Set up and run your experiment.

[Checkbox] Our experiment completed and results recorded

3. Wrap It Up

Present the results about your experiment. Make a circle graph that shows what percent of your group hit the 5 cm circle using the left eye, right eye, and both eyes.

Write a paper explaining your results. Predict the probability of getting the same results with a different group of students.

[Checkbox] Presentation completed

4. Discuss Your Results

[Checkbox] Review completed

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