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Grade 5, Chapter 11 Investigation Organizer:

Traveling Food

Summary: Your group will plan the refreshments for a Parent-Teacher Night. Use the recipe on page 391 of the Math Central textbook or view the recipe here on Education Place. You will also use recipes from home that have been handed down through your family.

1. Plan It

Choose a theme. Decide on a theme based on the type of foods you will make or the region they come from. For example, you could use recipes from different places that each use the same main ingredient, or you could make different foods from the same country. Try to include a variety of recipes, such as side dishes, main courses, or desserts.

Each group member will bring one favorite recipe from home. Use the recipes to plan a menu.

[Checkbox] Our recipes chosen and menu planned

2. Put It Together

Decide how much to make. The recipe shown on page 391 of the Math Central textbook (and here on Education Place) is for polverones, or Mexican wedding cookies. How many cookies does the recipe make? Estimate how many you will need to serve to all of the parents and teachers. Look at your recipes to find out how many servings each recipe makes. Will you have to make your recipe more than once? After estimating, find out how much you will need of each ingredient.

Make a chart. Make a chart showing each ingredient and the amount needed.

[Checkbox] Our ingredient amounts recorded

3. Wrap It Up

Prepare for Parent-Teacher Night. Make a shopping list of all the ingredients on your chart. If an ingredient is listed more than once, combine the amounts needed.

Create a menu. Use your theme as a guide when you make and decorate a menu. Make sure to list each food item and who contributed the recipe.

[Checkbox] Menu completed

4. Discuss Your Results

[Checkbox] Review completed

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