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Multiplication and Division of Fractions

Books for Students

The Information Please Kids' Almanac
Alice Siegal and Margo McLoone Basta
Houghton Mifflin, 1992.
This informative book may be used throughout the grade.

Designs in Math-Fractions-Decimal Equivalents
Randy L. Womack
Golden Educational Center, 1992.
Discusses how to use equivalents in mathematical calculations to create patterns.

How to Hunt for Buried Treasure
James M. Deem
Houghton Mifflin, 1992.
This book explores ways to follow clues from one site to the next by using logical reasoning skills in multiple problem-solving contexts.

The Science Book of the Senses
Neil Ardley
Harcourt Brace, 1992.
A variety of simple experiments are shown with clear photographs of single students, pairs, and small groups exploring the senses.

Books for Families

Exploring Everyday Math: Ideas for Students, Teachers and Parents
Maja Apelman and Julie King
Heinemann, 1993.
This collection of activities for families uses everyday situations as the context to explore mathematical concepts.

Oxford Children's Book of Science
Charles Taylor and Stephen Pople
Oxford University Press, 1996.
This is a colorful and well-illustrated compendium of scientific theories and methods of investigation. Recommended as a basis for family discussions about global topics in mathematics and science.

Reference Books for Teachers

Mastering Fractions
Said Hamilton
Hamilton Associates, 1996.
Step-by-step guide on simple techniques to help students gain greater proficiency using fractions. Included are examples of multiplication, division, and operating with integers, decimals, and mixed numbers.

Three Out of Four Like Spaghetti: Data and Fractions
Mary Berle-Carman, Karen Economopoulos, and Andee Rubin
Dale Seymour, 1994.
The use of real-life scenarios helps students hone their mathematical skills and understanding of fractions.

Math World Literature

Changes Over Time: Graphs
Cornelia Tierney
Dale Seymour Publications, 1995

Let's Investigate Statistics
Marion Smoothey
Marshall Cavendish Corp., 1993

Math Live: Handling Data
David Kirkby
Rigby Education, 1996

Proofs Without Words: Exercises in Visual Thinking
Roger B. Nelsen
The Mathematical Assoc. of America, 1993

Using and Understanding Maps: Population of the World
Chelsea House Publishers, 1993l

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