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Grade 5, Chapter 9 Investigation Organizer:

A Class of Bugs

Summary: Scientists organize insects into groups based on their characteristics, such as size, color, and shape. Insects are also grouped by special features. Your group will be organizing things you see or use every day. Group your items by color and size, and then choose two more ways to group what you have collected.

1. Plan It

A. Gather objects. Each group member should bring 5 or 6 things to class to put into groups. Your group will need exactly 24 items.

[Checkbox] Our items gathered

2. Put It Together

A. Group your items.

[Checkbox] Our items grouped and recorded

3. Wrap It Up

Make a circle graph. Use the fractions you've written to plot a circle graph for each group you've created. Plan how you will divide the circle into twenty-four equal parts. Color and label each section of the graphs.

Write a paragraph telling why your group chose these categories for organizing your items.

[Checkbox] Graphing completed

4. Discuss Your Results

[Checkbox] Review completed

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