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Grade 5, Chapter 7 Investigation Organizer:

Out of the Past

Summary: Your group will gather prices of different food items. Then you will compare current prices to prices from the 1950s.

1. Plan It

Divide. Divide among your group members all the numbers on the list from 1950. Use the Bill for December, 1950 on page 255 of your textbook or the Fine Foods Market chart here on Education Place.

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2. Put It Together

Find the price. Find the price per pound, dozen, or quart of each item on the 1950 receipt. To do this, divide the total amount spent on each item by the number of pounds, dozens, or quarts bought.

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3. Wrap It Up

A. Make a double-bar graph to show your data.

B. Write a report. Your report should explain why you think the prices have changed.

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4. Discuss Your Results

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