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Grade 5, Chapter 6 Investigation Organizer:

The Space Mission Weights

Summary: If the weight of a spacecraft is not correctly determined, it can be pulled off course. Your group will compute the weight of equipment and crew members on other planets. Then you will create flight teams for four planets.

1. Plan It

Create a table. Use the example on page 225 of your textbook or the Computation Table here on Education Place.

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2. Put It Together

A. Create flight crews. Create crews for Venus, Mars, Neptune, and Pluto. Each crew will have four members. Each member must be included on at least two flight teams. Use the weights listed on the chart.

[Checkbox] Our computations complete

3. Wrap It Up

A. Make a table. Your table should show the four flight teams. Include the total weight for equipment and crew members.

B. Write. Write a paragraph explaining your failed attempts.

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4. Discuss Your Results

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