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Multiplication of Decimals

Books for Students

The Black Pearl
Scott O'Dell
Houghton Mifflin, 1967.
In this book the scenes that take place in the weighing house set the stage for work with decimals.

Bill Nye the Science Guy's Big Blast of Science
Bill Nye
Addison Wesley Longman, 1993.
Fun scientific investigations with a chapter on outer space that charts the masses of the other planets in comparison to Earth.

Fractions and Decimals
Karen Bryant-Mole
Usborne, 1994.
Fun and colorful problems and exercises help show the relationship between fractions and decimals.

Going Places: The Young Traveler's Guide and Activity Book
Harriet Webster
Maxwell Macmillan, 1991.
A guide to planning a trip, traveling to a desired location, adjusting to different time zones, and finding a place to stay.

A Kid's Book of Smarts: How to Think, Make Decisions, Figure Things Out, Budget Your Time, Money, Plan Your Day, Week, Life and Other Things Adults Wish They'd Learned When They Were Kids!
Carole Marsh
Gallopade Publishing Group, 1994.
Here's an entertaining title for students who are becoming independent thinkers.

Where Do I Put the Decimal Point?: How to Conquer Math Anxiety and Increase Your Facility With Numbers
Elisabeth Ruedy
Henry Holt, 1990.
A calming approach to learning mathematics in the hopes of achieving success and self-confidence.

Books for Families

Family Travel: Terrific New Vacations for Today's Families
Evelyn Kaye
Blue Penguin Publications, 1993.
Here is a collection of exciting and unusual trips that families can plan together, making budgets and preparations for low-cost trips.

The World Book of Math Power, 2 vols.
World Book Inc., 1992.
As a supplement to textbooks, the authors provide tips and tools for students on using mathematics in the kitchen, in business, and on the road.

Reference Books for Teachers

Calculator Power: The Complete Handbook: Computation, Problem Solving, Consumer Math, Workplace Math
Robert Mitchell
Contemporary Books, 1991.
This guide explores the use of calculators in solving the mathematical problems of everyday life.

Mathematical Challenges for the Middle Grades: From the “Mathematics Teacher" Calendar Problems
edited by William D. Jamski
NCTM, 1991.
This is an excellent resource for those students who enjoy the challenge of solving problems.

Numbers: How Many, How Long, How Far, How Much . . . All the Numbers You'll Ever Need
Andrea Sutcliffe and EEI staff
HarperCollins, 1996.
Here is a handbook of lists that includes personal finance information, and weights and measures.

Math World Literature

Economics and the Consumer
M. Barbara Killen
Lerner Publications Company, 1990

The History of Money: The Struggle Over Money from Sandstone to Cyberspace
J. Mclver Weatherford
Crown Publishers, 1997

Joe Cribb
Dorling Kindersley, 1990

The Problem with Cameron
Clarissa Lewis
The Pocket Change Press, 1995

The Story of Money
Betsy Maestro
Clarion Books, 1993

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