Investigation Organizer: Grade 5, Chapter 4

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Grade 5, Chapter 4 Investigation Organizer:
The Age of Music

Summary: What kind of music do your parents, grandparents and friends listen to? Your group will conduct a survey. You will compare the types of music listened to by people of different ages.

1. Plan It

A. Make a list. As a group, make a list of different types of music.

B. Collect your data. Each member of your group will ask six people under 30 years old and six people over 30 years old what type of music they prefer. Use the tally sheet on page 151 in your book or use the Tally Sheet Chart here on Education Place to keep track of your data.

[Checkbox] Data collection completed

2. Put It Together

A. Make a chart. Create a music survey graph like the one pictured on page 151 of your textbook. Your graph should show the following for each type of music and age group.

[Checkbox] Our graph completed

3. Wrap It Up

Explain your graph. What does the information in the graph tell you? Write a report that tells how you collected your data and that explains the information on the graph.

[Checkbox] Our interpretation completed.

4. Discuss Your Results

[Checkbox] Review completed

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