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Crack the Code

Investigation Organizer
This is a worksheet you can print and distribute to students to help them track their work on the Chapter Investigation.

Internet Links

Following are links to Internet resources for students to use while working on the Chapter Investigation.

Beginner's Guide to Cryptography
This beginner's page explains basic concepts of cryptography. It also includes links to other cryptography pages.
http://www.murky.org/cryptography/in dex.shtml

Short History of Cryptography
This text description of the history of cryptography was created by Matjaz Jeran from the Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

International Morse Code Chart
This site provides both a table and a text version of Morse Code symbols for the letters of the alphabet, numbers, punctuation, and special characters.

Today's Cryptogram and Contest
You'll find a new cryptogram each day at this site. You may solve the cryptograms by pencil and paper or by downloading free shareware that is available at this site.

Codebreaking and Secret Weapons in World War II
These pages are a series of extracts from Nautical Brass magazine, describing the use of codes and codebreaking just prior to and during World War II.

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