Investigation Organizer: Grade 5, Chapter 2

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Grade 5, Chapter 2 Investigation Organizer:

Butterfly Farming

Summary: Your group will create a plan for a class butterfly farm. Your group's farm can produce up to 3000 cocoons each year.

1. Plan It

A. Choose which butterflies to send. Use the Number of Butterfly Cocoons Shipped Per Year to ... Chart provided here, or on page 79 of your textbook. The chart will tell you which kinds of butterflies you can choose.

B. Choose who will receive cocoons. How many zoos, parks, or gardens will receive cocoons each month? You do not have to supply cocoons to all of the choices.

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2. Put It Together

A. Create a chart. Your chart should include the butterflies you chose, and the places the cocoons will be shipped.

B. Multiply. Find out how many cocoons will be shipped. For example, if you ship Blues to 11 zoos, find 11 x 17, since each zoo will receive 17 Blues butterflies.

Adjust your plan so the farm sends close to 3000 cocoons each year.

C. Calculate. If all of the zoos were supplied with each type of butterfly, how many would be sent?

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3. Wrap It Up

A. Fill in your chart. Fill in your chart with the types of butterflies and number of cocoons you will ship.

B. Write it out. List the steps your group took to decide which cocoons to send and how many.

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4. Discuss Your Results

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