Investigation Organizer: Grade 5, Chapter 1

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Grade 5, Chapter 1 Investigation Organizer:

Biking Across America

Summary: Your group is planning a cross-country bicycle trip with a budget of $600. Your group will have to choose the route and the equipment to take on the trip.

1. Plan It

A. Choose your route. Use the map on page 45 of your textbook to choose the route you will follow.

B. List your equipment. Use the Equipment List Chart here on Education Place to create a list of biking equipment for each group member. List the type and amount of equipment your group will need.

[Checkbox] Planning completed

2. Put It Together

A. Make a table. Your table should include the cities along your route. In the table, record the distance between each pair of cities and find the total distance you will travel. (Use the map on page 45 of your textbook for help.)

B. Find your total equipment cost. Remember that the total must not be over $600.

[Checkbox] Our cost and distance calculations completed

3. Wrap It Up

Create your group's budget. List the quantity and cost of each item bought, and the total cost. Use the Group Budget Results Chart, to record why each item was chosen and which items can be shared by everyone.

[Checkbox] Our budget completed

4. Discuss Your Results

[Checkbox] Review completed

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