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Grade 4, Chapter 13 Investigation Organizer:

Earn to Learn!

Summary: Is there something you would like to have in your classroom, such as a computer or art supplies? Your group will choose an item to buy and then plan how to raise the money to purchase it.

After finding out how much the item you chose costs, brainstorm ways your groups can earn money. Think about how much money to charge. Finally, make a poster to advertise your services or products.

1. Plan It

Decide what you want to buy. Think about items your class wants or needs. Find the cost of each item. Check newspapers for advertisements.

Choose one or more items you want to buy. Determine a spending limit and decide on a total price for the item or items you will buy. The total price you choose will be your target goal.

Think of ways you can earn money. Make a list of your ideas. Talk about how each person could contribute work or resources to your group and when they might be able to participate. Choose one way that your group will earn money.

[Checkbox] Method to make money chosen

2. Put It Together

Make a business plan. Think about how much you can charge for your services or products. Make sure the price is reasonable.

Figure out how much money each group in the class needs to make, and how much each person in your group needs to earn so that the total amount of money earned will meet your target goal.

Think about how many customers each group will need to sell something to in order to meet the goal.

[Checkbox] Our fundraising method planned goals calculated

3. Wrap It Up

Promote your event! Make a poster advertising the services or products you will offer.

Be sure to include a description of each service or product and the price you will charge.

Decorate your poster so that it will get attention and be easily understood. Plan where you might place the posters and make sure you ask for and receive permission to put them up.

[Checkbox] Posters prepared

4. Discuss Your Results

[Checkbox] Review completed

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