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Earn to Learn!

Investigation Organizer
This is a worksheet you can print and distribute to students to help them track their work on the Chapter Investigation.

Internet Links

Following are links to Internet resources for students to use while working on the Chapter Investigation.

Fund$Raiser Cyberzine
This site can help you make your fundraiser really work. The Yellow Pages section is a good starting point. You can subscribe to an electronic mailing list to join others in making their fundraisers successful ones.

The Fundraising Edge
This Web page provides tips on safety and other advice to make a fundraiser work more smoothly. It is part of the Web site of the Association of Fund Raisers and Direct Sellers, a business association for companies that provide services and products to non-profit organizations for fundraising. You may also wish to check out Your Fundraising Toolbox for more tips and ideas.

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You may download, print and make copies of the Investigation Organizer for use in your classroom, provided that you include the copyright notice shown on that page on all such copies.

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