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Multiplying by 2-Digit Numbers

Books for Students

The Information Please Kids' Almanac
Alice Siegel and Margo McLoone-Basta
Houghton Mifflin, 1992.
This informative book may be used throughout the grade.

Counting on Frank
Rod Clement
Gareth Stevens, 1991.
The main character has a series of humorous mathematics revelations such as, "If I had accidentally knocked fifteen peas off my plate for the last eight years, then . . . " Suggested for independent reading.

Estimation Exploration
Tom Murray
Activity Resources, 1994.
Offers students additional practice estimating numbers.

Everything You Need to Know About Math Homework
Anne Zeman
Scholastic, 1994.
Provides charts, graphs, and other models to help students focus and study effectively.

Make Your Own Animated Movies and Videotapes
Yvonne Andersen
Little, Brown, 1991.
This book of instructions for making animated movies addresses everything from drawing the cartoon to operating the camera. Step-by-step black-and-white photographs, illustrations, and diagrams.

Math for Smarty Pants
Marilyn Burns
Little, Brown, 1982.
This common-sense approach to mathematics is meant for students who do not feel confident working with numbers.

Problem Solving
Lakshmi Hewavisenti
Gloucester Press, 1991.
Colorful puzzles and games help readers learn multiplication and division.

Books for Families

Arithmetricks: 50 Easy Ways to Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide Without a Calculator
Edward H. Julius
John Wiley & Sons, 1995.
Offers shortcuts for rounding and estimating to check the reasonableness of results.

Still More Stories to Solve: Fourteen Folktales from Around the World
George Shannon
Greenwillow Books, 1994.
A collection of short stories that explores logical thinking in the context of a story.

One Million
Hendrik Hertzberg
Times Books, 1993.
Large numbers explored visually and statistically might generate family discussions.

Reference Books for Teachers

Math Wise! Hands-On Activities and Investigations for Elementary Students
Jim Overholt
Simon and Schuster, 1995.
This collection of classroom activities includes games and manipulatives for exploring multiplication and division.

20 Thinking Questions for Base-Ten Blocks
Kelly Stewart, Kathryn Walker, and Cynthia Reak
Creative Publications, 1995.
Volume 2 in the series has problem solving activities for grades 3 through 6.

Thinking Like Mathematicians: Putting the K-4 NCTM Standards into Practice
Thomas E. Rowan and Barbara Bourne
Heinemann, 1994.
This book of practical suggestions and ideas helps teachers design activities and facilitate discussions around the National Standards.

Math World Literature

Ancient Rome
Simon James
Alfred A. Knopf, 1990

Roman Numerals
David A. Adler
HarperCollins, 1977

The Secrets of Vesuvius:
Exploring the Mysteries of an Ancient Buried City

Sara C. Bisel
Scholastic/Madison Press, 1990

Rain Player
David Wisniewski
Clarion, 1991

The Maya
Patricia C. Mckissack
Children's Press, 1985

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