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Grade 4, Chapter 11 Investigation Organizer:

Classroom Olympics!

Summary: Have you ever wanted to participate in the Olympics? Here's your chance! You can design a set of Olympic events for you and your classmates to compete in. You will use a digital watch to time events the way judges do in the Olympics -- using decimal points. Can you beat your own best time?

1. Plan It

A. Define the events. Brainstorm a list of events you can compete in. Make sure all the events can be done by everyone. Think about the materials you have on hand to help you plan the events.

B. Equip the competitors. Gather the materials you need for the events you finally chose from your list of possible events.

C. Divide into teams. Choose a fun name for your team.

D. Choose a timekeeper. Select a person for each team who will use a digital stopwatch to measure the times for each competitor and record them on paper.

[Checkbox] Games and teams established

2. Put It Together

A. Prepare the field. Mark off the area in which you will run each event. Make sure it is safe and clear of obstacles.

B. Prepare documentation. Make a chart for your official timekeeper to record each person's finishing time for each event. You may wish to use this Team Times Chart as a model, or you can make your own chart with labels and places for the information you need to record.

[Checkbox] Our racecourses and timekeeping charts prepared

3. Wrap It Up

A. Make two attempts. Run each event twice. Each competitor will have two chances to make his/her best time. The timekeeper will time the results for each person and each event. Record the results in decimals for both attempts for each person.

B. Find the team averages. Add all of your team's decimal results together for each event. Use a calculator to divide this number by the number of teammates to get the average.

C. Decide on a presentation. Decide how to show your results. For example, you could make a graph to compare all the teams' scores for one event. You may want to make comparisons of the finish times of the first round with the times of the second round.

[Checkbox] Averages calculated and graphs or charts prepared

4. Discuss Your Results

[Checkbox] Review completed

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