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Books for Students

Bananas: From Manolo to Margie
George Ancona
Clarion Books, 1982.
The facts presented in this book will allow students to explore decimals through comparing, writing decimals as fractions, measuring, and adding and subtracting.
Fractions and Decimals
Karen Bryant-Mole
Usborne, 1994.
This book of fun and colorful problems and exercises explores fractions and decimals.

How to Draw Maps and Charts
Pam Beasant
Usborne, 1993.
An illustrated guide to the history and making of maps, including how to design and draw an imaginary map.

A Kid's Guide to Money: Earning It, Saving It, Growing It, Sharing It
Steve Otfinoski
Scholastic, 1996.
A book of ideas on how kids can earn and save money. Good for a real-life connection involving money and decimals.

Math Fun with Money Puzzlers
Rose Wyler and Mary Elting
Julian Messner, 1992.
Uses mathematics to introduce students to money management.

Olympic Math: Gold Medal Activities and Projects for Grades 4-8
Sharon Vogt
Good Year Books, 1996.
This book provides a variety of activities that use the Olympic games theme. Each lists a mathematical concept used in the activity, such as logic or decimals.

Times Tables the Fun Way Book for Kids: A Picture Method of Learning the Multiplication Facts
David and Judy Rodriguez
Key Publications, 1994.
A visual approach to learning multiplication facts.

Books for Families

Calculator Fun
Barrie Henderson
Scholastic, 1994.
Offers directions on how to use a calculator to play the games presented in the text. Recommended as a means for students to share what they know.

Calculator Riddles
David A. Adler
Holiday House, 1995.
A collection of riddles families can solve together by using a calculator.

Games of the World: How to Make Them, How to Play Them, How They Came to Be
The Swiss Committee for UNICEF
A collection of games for one to many players to make and play, including the mathematical board game Caroms.

Reference Books for Teachers

Basic Decimals
Jerome D. Kaplan
Educational Design, 1996.
A teacher's guide to the study of decimals. Suggested for teachers requiring additional background on the topic.

Mathematics and Humor
edited by Aggie Azzolino, et al.
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1992.
This collection of jokes and riddles features several based upon decimals. Recommended as a resource for beginning lessons.

Math World Literature

The Story of Mexico
Nancy Conkle and Eric Tomb
Bellerophon Books, 1991

Hill of Fire
Thomas P. Lewis
Harper Trophy, 1971

Count Your Way Through Mexico
Jim Haskins
Carolrhoda Books, 1989

Cooking the Mexican Way
Rosa Coronado
Lerner Publications, 1982

Count Your Way Through France
Jim Haskins
Carolrhoda Books, 1996

Mexico, Things to Make
Anita Ganeri and Rachel Wright
Franklin Watts, 1994

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