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Grade 4, Chapter 10 Investigation Organizer:

Amazing Animals

Summary: You are going to explore some amazing facts about animals. First you need to arrange data in different ways to make sense to you. How many different ways can you arrange the data? Organize the data into separate headings. Then make questions for other groups to answer. Your group will answer questions on data organized by other groups.

1. Plan It

A. Review data. Use the data in the table on page 375 of the Math Central textbook or on the Animal Data Table here on Education Place. Brainstorm ways to make the data clearer. For example, arrange the lifespans of the animals from longest to shortest.

B. Choose how to present the data. Look at the headings to get ideas on how to rearrange the data. For example, you can make a chart, a table, a bar graph, or a pictograph.

[Checkbox] Data reviewed

2. Put It Together

A. Compare. Look at your new ways of presenting this data. Compare your results. Can you find information easily? Are some ways you present the data confusing or hard to read?

B. Prepare questions. Write down some questions about animals to ask other students. They will use your data to find the answers.

[Checkbox] Our data and questions prepared

3. Wrap It Up

Share your data and questions. Share your data presentations and your questions with other groups.

Work together to answer the questions you get from other groups.

[Checkbox] Data exchanged and questions answered

4. Discuss Your Results

[Checkbox] Review completed

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