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Grade 4, Chapter 9 Investigation Organizer:

Weaving Fractions

Summary: You will use fractions to help you plan and "weave" a pattern. Use strips of paper of all different colors. You can also use fractions to describe your completed design.

1. Plan It

A. Choose your colors. As a group, choose the colors you would like to use. Decide what fraction of each color you want to appear in your work.

B. Draw. Draw your design on graph paper.

[Checkbox] Our chart completed

2. Put It Together

A. Prepare paper. Cut sheets of colored paper into 1/2 inch by 1 inch strips.

B. Fold. Fold a large sheet of paper in half. From the fold, cut slits 1 inch apart. Stop 1 inch from the top. Unfold.

C. Weave. Weave color strips through the slits to match the pattern you designed.

[Checkbox] Our weaving completed

3. Wrap It Up

A. Work together to write a report about your weavings. Use fractions to describe how much of each color your used.

B. How would you plan another weaving? How could you add and subtract fractions to change your design?


Our report completed

4. Discuss Your Results

[Checkbox] Review completed

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