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Grade 4, Chapter 8 Investigation Organizer:

Plan a Park

Summary: Your group will plan a park. You will decide how much land to use for each part of your park.

1. Plan It

A. Plan your park. Use the map on page 305 of your textbook to plan your park. Look carefully at the park's features, such as rivers and lakes.

B. Discuss land use. Use the chart on page 305 of your textbook or use the Categories of Land Use chart provided here on Education Place. Discuss the categories you want to have in your park. Compare them.

C. Discuss. Talk about each category and how much land it will take up.

[Checkbox] Our chart completed

2. Put It Together

A. Copy the map onto a grid. How many grid squares are there?

B. Draw the categories you chose. Label them with different colors.

C. How many squares of land does each category use? Make a fraction for each category showing what part of the total park land it uses.

[Checkbox] Our drawings completed

3. Wrap It Up

Create a report. Work together to report on how you planned your park. Tell what worked well and what you might have done differently.

[Checkbox] Our comparisons completed

4. Discuss Your Results

[Checkbox] Review completed

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