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Grow Your Vegetables

Investigation Organizer
This is a worksheet you can print and distribute to students to help them track their work on the Chapter Investigation.

Internet Links

Following are links to Internet resources for students to use while working on the Chapter Investigation.

Time Life Plant Encyclopedia
Use this searchable database to find out which plants and vegetables are appropriate for your planting zone. You can look up plants by name and also select plants by how much light they need, soil type, height, and even color.

NG online: Kids & Classrooms
These pages at the National Gardening Association's Web site are fertile ground for teachers, parents, and others interested in using plants and gardens to enrich learning. Don't forget to check out the Other Sites for Growing Minds link to connect to educational and child-oriented gardening Web sites.

This Web site, hosted by the Missouri Botanical Garden, is full of interesting facts, activities, and links about nature and the environment. You can send a virtual post card, find out about different biomes, and enter a contest.

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