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Grade 4, Chapter 1 Investigation Organizer:

Up to the Sky!

Summary: California has high mountains and low valleys and canyons. Your class will make a bulletin board that shows some high and low areas in Southern California.

1. Plan It

Pick four places on the map of Southern California on page 43 in your textbook. Make a list of your choices from highest to lowest area.

Be sure to include areas that are

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2. Put It Together

A. Create a number line. Draw a number line on a 30-inch long strip of paper. Write a zero at one end and 15,000 feet at the other end. Make small, equal measuring units by folding the number line. Fold in half, and then in half again. Continue using the same method until you have many sections. Label each section with numbers between 0 and 15,000.

B. Measure your map choices. Use your number line to create four strips of paper. The length of the strips will match the heights of the places you chose in Step 1. Cut each strip to the correct height.

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3. Wrap It Up

Create your class bulletin board. Show zero feet on the bulletin board. Place your strips on the board and compare the heights.

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4. Discuss Your Results

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