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Grade 3, Chapter 12 Investigation Organizer:

Go, Team, Go!

Summary: Your group has raised $225 to help sponsor a Little League® baseball team in your community. Figure out how much money the uniforms and equipment will cost. Then, figure out the cost for one player.
How much more money does each player have to raise? How could the money be raised?

1. Plan It

Plan your team's equipment list and uniforms. Think about what you might wear and use if you played on a baseball team.

[Checkbox] Equipment list and uniforms planned

2. Put It Together

Make an equipment chart. Make a chart like the one on page 437 of the Math Central textbook, or click on the link to see the Baseball Team Equipment Chart. Add to the chart any other items you might want for your team. Find out how much each item costs.

[Checkbox] Equipment list prepared and item costs calculated

3. Wrap It Up

Find the total cost. Add to find how much money is needed for all the uniforms and equipment.

Find each player's share of the cost. Divide to find the cost for each player. Figure out how much money each player already has to spend from the $225 your team has already raised. Use subtraction to find how much money each player needs to raise.

Plan a way to raise money. How much more money does each player need? How could the money be raised? Think of ways your group could work together to raise money, such as holding a bake sale.

[Checkbox] Costs calculated and money-raising plan completed

4. Discuss Your Results

[Checkbox] Review completed

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