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Multiplication Around the World

Internet Links

Following are links to Internet resources that can be used to support instruction of the Math World feature for this chapter.

Barbados - Wikipedia
View a map and the flag of Barbados and read about the people, economy, and culture of this Caribbean nation. You can even learn the national anthem of Barbados at this page.

Napier's Bones: All About Rods
Visit these Web pages to see a detailed photograph of a set of Napier's Bones and learn more about John Napier, the Scotsman who devised them. A Java demonstration and a simulated set of these rods are also available. These pages are were created by Greg Michaelson, a senior lecturer at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburg, Scotland.

Earliest Uses of Symbols of Operation
This site provides details about the earliest uses of mathematical symbols. The information was collected by Jeff Miller, a Florida high school teacher.

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