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Multiplying by 1-Digit Numbers

Books for Students

The Giant Jam Sandwich
John Vernon Lord and Janet Burroway
Houghton Mifflin, 1973.
Clever villagers make a giant jam sandwich to trap millions of wasps descending into their village. Students work with multiplication, money, and decimals while reading this humorous story.

Kids in the Kitchen: 100 Delicious, Fun and Healthy Recipes to Cook and Bake
Science/Health Micah Pulleyn and Sarah Bracken
Sterling Publication, 1995.
This recipe collection uses common ingredients and encourages experimenting with addition and subtraction of ingredients as well as the changing of baking and mixing times.

Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar
Masaichiro Anno and Mitsumasa Anno
Philomel/Putnam, 1983.
A mysterious jar introduces readers to factorials.

The Case of the Willing Parrot
David D. Connell and Jim Thurman
W.H. Freeman, 1995.
The Mathnet detectives use their mathematics skills to solve the mystery of a hidden fortune.

Menu-Math Presents the Hamburger Hut
Barbara Johnson and Kitty Scharf
Remedial Publications, 1994.
Students practice multiplication and division skills while reading this interesting collection of story problems.

Math Wizardry for Kids
Margaret Kenda and Phyllis S. Williams
Barron's Educational Series, 1995.
These puzzles, games, and ideas promote students to think like a mathematics wizard.

David Stienecker and Richard McCabe
Marshall Cavendish, 1995.
Students perform experiments and other activities to explore multiplication concepts.

Books for Families

Mitch and Amy
Beverly Cleary
Morrow Junior Books, 1991.
Parents can help their children read these adventures of a brother and sister who bicker and fight but support each other when learning multiplication and division facts.

Calculator Riddles
David A. Adler
Holiday House, 1995.
A variety of fun word riddles are solved by performing operations on a calculator and then reading the display upside down. Good for familiarizing students with calculator keys.

From Head to Toe: Body Math
edited by Jean B. Crawford and Patricia Daniels
Time-Life, 1993.
Parents and children can share these original stories, poems, riddles, and games that focus on mathematics related to the human body.

Reference Books for Teachers

The Development of Multiplicative Reasoning in the Learning of Mathematics
edited by Guershon Harel and Jere Confrey
State University of New York Press, 1994.
From the Reform in Math Series, this book addresses how children develop effective thinking in the area of multiplication.

Math by All Means, Multiplication, Grade 3
Marilyn Burns
Marilyn Burns Education Associates, 1991.
Teachers learn ways to teach multiplication from different approaches in geometric, numerical, and real-life situations.

Science in Action: The World of Numbers
compiled by Sue Lyons
Marshall Cavendish, 1993.
These projects, experiments, and hands-on applications allow students to explore scientific principles of mathematics.

Math World Literature

All Kinds of Money
David A. Adler
Franklin Watts, 1988

Cultural Atlas for Young People: Ancient Greece
Anton Powell
Facts on File, 1989

Enchantment of the World: Iran
Mary Virginia Fox
Children's Press, 1991

From Gold to Money
Ali Mitgutsch
Lerner Group, 1885

Peggy Burns
Thomas Learning, 1995

The Story of Money
Carolyn Kain
Troll Communications, 1993

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