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Summary: Have you ever been in a race or watched one? Here's your chance to design a race of your own. Decide how people will move in each different part or leg, of the race. Have teams race. Use a stopwatch to time how long it takes them to complete each leg. Then make a chart showing the times for each leg and for the whole race.

1. Plan It

A. Write a list of mays to move from one place to another. Include many different ideas, such as dancing, rolling, and crawling. Be sure to include a way of moving that everyone in the class can do.

B. Decide how many legs your race will have. You may not be able to run a race for all the ways of moving you have listed. Once you've decided how many legs of the race to run, match each leg with a different type of movement.

[Checkbox] Our race types planned

2. Put It Together

A. Lay out the racecourse.

Locate the starting line and finish line. Make sure the racers know where to go. Clear away any obstacles that may be on the racecourse. Try it out to see if there is enough room, and that you can tell which way to go.

B. Make a chart. You'll need to know who will race in each leg, and you'll need to record the racers' times. Make a chart like the one on page 377 of the Math Central textbook, or use the Race Results Chart available here on Education Place. Record the race results as the teams race.

[Checkbox] Our racecourse laid out, and results chart prepared

3. Wrap It Up

A. Hold the race. Each team should let team members choose which leg they want to race.

B. Time each leg of the race. Use a digital stopwatch to time each leg. Make sure the right racers for that leg are at the starting line. Record the finishing times on your chart.

Add up the results and compare. Add up the team's times for each leg to get the team's total time. Did some teams win some legs and lose others?

[Checkbox] Racing completed

4. Discuss Your Results

[Checkbox] Review completed

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