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Grade 3, Chapter 6 Investigation Organizer:

Gadgets & Gizmos!

Summary: Find out how often you use electrical items. You will look for gadgets that have a plug, have a switch, or use batteries.

1. Plan It

A. Write a list. As a group, write a list of electrical gadgets that you use every day. See the pictures on page 225 of your textbook for clues.

B. Choose 10 items. Choose 10 items that everyone in your group can keep track of for one day.

C. Use tally marks. You will have to keep track of your observations. Use tally marks to show how many times you use each gadget.

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2. Put It Together

A. Make a chart. See the Use of Electrical Items chart here on Education Place or on page 225 of your textbook.

B. Estimate. Estimate how often you think you will use each gadget in one day. Make sure to record your guess.

C. Record. Tally how often you used each item in one day. Count your tallies and record the results.

D. Multiply. Multiply your results by the number of days in a week. Record how often you might use each gadget in a week. You can use a calculator.

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3. Wrap It Up

Compare. Compare your estimate to your actual results. How close was your estimate?

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4. Discuss Your Results

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