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Grade 3, Chapter 5 Investigation Organizer:

Go Fish!

Summary: Your class is in charge of feeding animals at the aquarium. You will need to create a plan to feed the animals four times each day. You will feed the animals from Monday to Friday. The challenge is to find out how many animals you can feed in one shift.

1. Plan It

Which animals would you like to work with? Use the chart on page 189 of your textbook or use the 5-Day Schedule chart provided here on Education Place to help you choose your animals.

[Checkbox] My planning completed

2. Put It Together

A. Divide. The schedule shows how many times each animal is fed in a 5-day period. To find the number of daily feedings each group of animals needs, take the number of feedings per week and divide by 5.

B. Create your daily feedings chart. Use the Daily Feedings chart on the bottom of page 189 in your textbook, or use the Daily Feedings chart provided here on Education Place.

[Checkbox] Our scheduling completed

3. Wrap It Up

Make a final chart. Your chart should include the names of each group member and his or her assigned feeding times.

[Checkbox] Final chart completed

4. Discuss Your Results

[Checkbox] Review completed

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