Investigation Organizer: Grade 3, Chapter 3

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Grade 3, Chapter 3 Investigation Organizer:

Make It Safe!

Summary: Where would you go if a terrible storm hit your community? Your group is in charge of planning supplies for a storm shelter. You will make a list of supplies and decide how many of each item you need to buy. You have a budget of $900.

1. Plan It

A. Pick a type of storm. What types of storms could be a problem for your community?

B. Think about emergency supplies. Use the chart on page 121 of your textbook, or use the Emergency Supplies List provided here on Education Place. The list shows the cost of emergency supplies for one person at a shelter.

[Checkbox] Our research completed

2. Put It Together

A. How many people can you help? Find out how many people can fit in your school's gym.

B. Which supplies should you buy? Make a list of the most important supplies and how many to buy.

C. Total the cost. Figure out how much the supplies will cost. Remember that you have $900 to spend.

[Checkbox] Our calculations completed

3. Wrap It Up

A. Draw a picture. Draw a floor plan of the shelter. Show where people will eat and sleep. Show the supplies.

B. Explain your plan. Write a paragraph about your plan. Include information about your budget.

[Checkbox] Our floor plan and budget completed

4. Discuss Your Results

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