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Grade 3, Chapter 2 Investigation Organizer:

Snack Attack!

Summary: You need to feed 20 kindergarten students healthful snacks for five days. Your group is in charge of planning a shopping list and a menu. Think about what kinds of foods make healthful snacks. Use a grocery flyer to help you make your choices. Be sure to write down your menu and shopping lists.

1. Plan It

A. Look at a grocery store flyer. Use the flyer to help you think about healthful snack choices. Discuss your ideas with your group.

B. List some of your group's choices. Make sure you have a different snack for each day. Use the Snack Choices Chart to help keep track of your list.

C. Think about:

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2. Put It Together

A. Write a shopping list.

Write down your list on the Shopping List Chart.

B. List the prices. Find the prices on the grocery store flyer or another way. Write down the prices in the cost column of your Shopping List Chart.

C. Find the cost. Use a calculator to figure out how much all of the groceries will cost.

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3. Wrap It Up

A. Make a menu. Use your shopping list to make a menu. Write down your menu on the Menu Chart. Describe how you made your choices.

B. Draw a picture of the snacks for the kindergarten class.

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4. Discuss Your Results

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