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Grade 3, Chapter 1 Investigation Organizer:

Don't Go Thirsty!

Summary: If your entire class is going on a hike, how much juice should you bring? Each member of your class will bring to class an unbreakable container to carry on the hike. As a group, figure out how much juice it will take to fill all of your containers.

1. Plan It

A. Choose your containers. Each group member should bring in a container that is unbreakable and that has a lid or a top to keep your juice from spilling while you hike.

B. Find out how much liquid your container can hold. Fill your container with water. Then pour the water into a measuring cup. Write down the number of ounces your container holds.

Hint: Remember that there are 8 ounces in a cup. You can write ounces as "oz".

[Checkbox] Our planning completed

2. Put It Together

A. Choose your juice. Each group member should choose a kind of juice to bring on the hike.

B. Make a juice chart. Make a chart to show all the kinds of juice your class will drink. For each kind of juice, write how much each classmate will carry. Use the "Juice Choice" chart on the bottom of page 39 in your textbook, or use the Juice Choices Chart.

C. Find the total amount of juice you need. Use a calculator to add the numbers in the first column. Write down your results. Add the next column, and so on.

[Checkbox] Our addition completed

3. Wrap It Up

Make a shopping list. Juice comes in different containers. Start by looking at the "Juice Bottle Sizes" on the top of page 39 in your textbook, or use the Juice Bottle Sizes Chart. Then make a shopping list. Decide what size and how many bottles of juice to buy.

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4. Discuss Your Results

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