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Measuring Up

Investigation Class Book
This is a cover you can print and have students color, for use with the Chapter Investigation.

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Internet Links

Following are links to Internet resources for students to use while working on the Chapter Investigation.

"A" Units
This site is a measurement conversion calculator with more different units than you've ever seen before. This is a commercial site by Entisoft, a software company. Try finding the measurements that use body parts in their names. Think of the body part, click the letter it starts with, and see if you can find it. The measurements for "hand" and "foot" are just two possibilities.

The Origins of Metrology
This site offers insight on how the ancient Mesopotamians and other cultures measured four quantities: length, area, volume, and weight. This information is provided by Brown & Sharpe, manufacturers of measuring instruments.

The Measurers: a Flemish Image of Mathematics in the Sixteenth Century
This site is a virtual exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science, in Oxford, England. The online exhibit includes more than 100 images of Renaissance scientific and mathematical measuring instruments, texts, works of art, and other objects. The focus is on the practical use of the instruments and methods.

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