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Simply Batty Subtraction Stories

Investigation Class Book
This is a cover you can print and have students color, for use with the Chapter Investigation.

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Internet Links

Following are links to Internet resources for students to use while working on the Chapter Investigation.

Aerodynamics of Animals - Bats
This page is a simple, yet excellent source for facts about bats. It is well-designed and contains pages of information about other animals as well. It has relevant information about bat flight and other details about bats. Click on the Lesson Plans button for related classroom activities.

Bat Conservation International
Devoted to revealing the truth about bats and to encouraging their protection, Bat Conservation International, or BCI, provides information, bibliographies, and educational activities.

Bats Bats Everywhere
Pictures and information about bats await you at this site designed especially for kids. Included are a quiz and a list of reading materials about bats.

The Bat Cave
The Royal Ontario Museum's exhibit on bats is now available on the Internet at the Web site of The Toronto Star newspaper in Canada. Learn the myths and truths about bats, and virtually visit a bat cave in Jamaica.

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