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Constructing Rectangles

Investigation Class Book
This is a cover you can print and have students color, for use with the Chapter Investigation.

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Internet Links

Following are links to Internet resources for students to use while working on the Chapter Investigation.

Daniel's Manhattan Architecture -- Old Favorites
This graphic-intensive Web site features photographs of many New York City skyscrapers with close-up details. Brief text descriptions accompany the photos to make this a visual primer for classic metropolitan skyscrapers. Have pupils view these buildings and point out the rectangles they see. You may also wish to view the page on the Lever House building.

WebMuseum, Paris: Pure Abstraction
Many of the paintings by Piet Mondrian and Kasimir Malevich are composed entirely of simple geometric shapes. These images are provided by the WebMuseum, a network of mirrored sites providing art images around the clock and around the world. The paintings by Piet Mondrian show many rectangles.

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