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Numbers Through 20

Books for Children and Families

My Mom's Taxi
by Richard Jardine León. Houghton Mifflin Co., 1993.
This is a story about a Latino family that can be connected to numbers, addition, subtraction, time, and graphing.

Anno's Counting Book
by Mitsumasa Anno. Harper, 1977.
The numbers zero through twelve are depicted with pictures of a landscape that changes month by month.

Moja Means One: A Swahili Counting Book
Social Studies
by Muriel Feelings. Dial, 1976. Information about African village life is relayed as children learn to count to ten in English and Swahili.

Bicycle Race
by Donald Crews. Greenwillow, 1984.
This counting book orders numbers in different sequences as twelve bicycle riders compete in a race.

I Spy Two Eyes: Numbers in Art Art
by Lucy Micklethwait. Greenwillow, 1993.
Readers look for details, from one fly to twenty angels, in works of fine art.

Three Friends/Tres Amigos
by María Cristina Brusca and Tona Wilson. Holt, 1995.
The numbers one through ten are introduced in English and Spanish as two children have a cow-roping adventure.

Counting Our Way to Maine
by Maggie Smith. Orchard, 1995.
Readers count from one to twenty as a family makes their way to Maine for a summer vacation.

Counting Cranes
by Mary Beth Owens. Little,1993.
This counting book features the whooping crane, a species that was once reduced to a population of fifteen.

Counting Jenny
by Helena Clare Pittman. Carolrhoda, 1994.
On her way to school, Jennie keeps a running count of everything and everybody she sees.

Emeka's Gift: An African Counting Story
by Ifeoma Onyefulu. Dutton, 1995.
A Nigerian boy goes to visit his grandmother, counting the objects he sees along the way that would make nice gifts for her.

Reference Books for Teachers

Read Any Good Math Lately?
by David J. Whitin and Sandra Wilde. Heinemann, 1992.
This resource helps teachers access and use children's books to support mathematical learning in the classroom.

The Wonderful World of Mathematics
by Diane Thiessen and Margaret Mattias. NCTM, 1992.
This is an annotated bibliography of children's books appropriate for developing math skills.

Picturing Math
by Carol Otis Hurst and Rebecca Otis. SRA Media, 1996.
A variety of math concepts are introduced and reinforced through the use of picture books for preschoolers through second-graders.

Connecting Mathematics Across the Curriculum
edited by Peggy A. House. NCTM, 1995.
This volume emphasizes how math can be connected to subjects across the curriculum and to the everyday world.

It's the Story That Counts
by David J. Whitin and Sandra Wilde. Heinemann, 1995.
The authors explain the importance of children's literature in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Math World Bibliography

Children's Games from Many Lands
by Nina Millen. Friendship Press, 1965.
This is a collection of games described by on-the-spot observers in countries around the world.

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