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Books for Children and Families

Inch by Inch
by Leo Lionni
Mulberry paper 1994 (32p)
An inch worm is proud of his ability to measure everything under the sun.

You'll Soon Grow Into Them, Titch
by Pat Hutchins
Greenwillow 1983 (32p) also paper
Titch is tired of wearing his siblings' outgrown clothes, but when he gets a new outfit, he passes his old clothes along to the baby.

Math Counts: Size
by Henry Pluckrose
Childrens 1995 (32p)
Color photographs and simple text introduce the concept of size in an understandable manner.

The Dinosaur Who Lived in My Backyard
by B. G. Hennessy
Puffin paper 1990 (32p)
A boy imagines that a dinosaur hatched in his backyard grows to the size of a car.

Is It Larger? Is It Smaller?
by Tana Hoban
Greenwillow 1985 (32p)
This concept book introduces size relationships as large and small items in color photographs are compared.

Super, Super, Superwords
by Bruce McMillan
Lothrop 1989 (32p)
Photographs show children acting out words about degrees of comparison.

Slower Than a Snail
by Anne Schreiber
Scholastic 1995 (28p)
A girl compares her speed, size, and weight to different objects in the world around her.

Books for Teacher Reference

Read Any Good Math Lately?
by David J. Whitin and Sandra Wilde
Heinemann 1992 (205p)
This resource helps teachers access and use children's books in the classroom for mathematical learning.

It's the Story That Counts
by David J. Whitin and Sandra Wilde
Heinemann 1995 (224p)
The authors explain the importance of children's literature in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

The Wonderful World of Mathematics
by Diane Thiessen and Margaret Mattias
NCTM 1992 (241p)
An annotated bibliography of children's books appropriate for developing math skills.

Picturing Math
by Carol Otis Hurst and Rebecca Otis
SRA Media 1996 (152p)
A variety of math concepts are introduced through the use of picture books for preschoolers through second graders.

Connecting Mathematics Across the Curriculum
edited by Peggy A. House. NCTM 1995 (248p)
This volume emphasizes how math can be connected to subjects across the curriculum and to the everyday world.

Child's Play Around the World
by Leslie Hamiliton
Perigree 1996 (224p)
170 games played by young children around the world. Includes symbols to designate difficulty.

Children's Traditional Games from Around the World
by Judy Sierra and Robert Kaminski
The Oryx Press 1996 (232p)
Source for additional games.

Math World Bibliography

Math Wizardry for Kids
by Margaret Kenda and Phyllis S. Williams
Barron's Educational Series, Inc. 1995 (324 p)
Contains a wide assortment of math games and activities. Written for teachers and other adults, with many activities being also accessible to children.

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