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Gathering Nuts and Berries

Investigation Class Book
This is a cover you can print and have students color, for use with the Chapter Investigation.

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Internet Links

Following are links to Internet resources for students to use while working on the Chapter Investigation.

AFRMA Rat & Mouse Information
The American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association has some tips and pointers for those who would like to keep these creatures for pets.

You may wish children to see the different mouse and rat varieties and to describe the mice and how they differ. See the Ideal Markings of Mice page.

Quiz: Nuts and Berries
Always make sure you know if a nut or berry is safe for you to eat! Even if you see animals eating certain nuts and berries, they may be poisonous for you. This Web site provides a quick online quiz to test your knowlege about a few nuts and berries. This is part of the Flints and Stones online exhibition about the Stone Age, hosted by the Museum of Antiquities at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in England.

Growers Organizations
This page is a large list of growers associations with Web sites, featuring growers of nuts and berries. You can find out a lot about these foods by following some of these links. This site is provided by the University of California at Davis. Use the U.C. Fruits & Nuts graphic link to find many more links to agricultural information.

You may wish to use the Crop Index link at the bottom of the Growers Organizations page to find out more about a specific nut or berry.

Time Life Plant Encyclopedia
Use this searchable database to find out which plants and vegetables are appropriate for your planting zone. You can look up plants by name and also select plants by how much light they need, soil type, height, and even color.

Use the search term "nut" or "berry" to find information and pictures.

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