Teaching Tools

Use the tools on this page to help prepare your lessons. For your convenience, we have also included links to resources available on Kids' Place.


When introducing new concepts or modeling vocabulary words, use the eGlossary to see how the new terms you will be using are presented to students.


Before you send your students off to play the math eGames on their own, take a minute to try them yourself. You may find you want to adjust the levels of difficulty to match what you've taught so far. You might have a little fun, too!


As you prepare for a lesson with manipulatives, you can convenienty plan activities with the eManipulatives. The in class, students can use real manipulatives, or you can demonstrate on the computer.

Graphic Organizers

Use the Graphic Organizers to help students visually organize mathematical concepts and vocabulary. All are easy to download and print.

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