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Selection 1

Word Work Instruction
30 - 40 Minutes

• Pretest, 57G
•Instruction: The short and long /a/ and /e/ sounds, 57G
•Take-Home Word List, Practice Book, 409
Decoding Longer Words Instruction
• Structural Analysis: Base Words and Endings -er and -est, 57E
• Practice Book, 8

• Practice Book, 9

Phonics Instruction
• The Short and Long /a/ and /e/ Sounds, 57F

• Practice Book, 10

Decoding Longer Words
• Reteaching Structural Analysis: Base Words and Endings -er and -est, R18
• Challenge/ Extension Activities, R19

• Practice Book, 11

Vocabulary Skill Instruction
• Multiple-Meaning Words, 57I
• Practice Book, 12
Transparency 1-3

Vocabulary Expansion
• Cold-Weather Words, 57J

• Posttest, 57H

Program Objectives

Students write spelling words with the short and long /a/ and /e/ lounds.
Structural Analysis
Students read base words with inflectional endings -er and -est.
Students read words and syllables that have short and long /a/ and /e/ vowel sounds.
Students use the Phonics/ Decoding strategy to decode longer words.
Vocabulary Skills
Students identify multiple meanings in a dictionary entry.
Students use the sentence context to choose the correct dictionary definition for a word.
Vocabulary Expansion
Students recognize and use words related to cold weather.

Resources for Meeting Individual Needs

Get Set for Reading: CD-ROM:
Leveled Books for Theme 1
Leveled Books for Theme 1
Reader’s Library:
Sky by Julia Hanna


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